Vinyl Printing

With our high tech equipment we are able to print fully colored vinyl designs. This enables us to brand a variety of products for you.

HTV contains a heat-activated adhesive backing, which allows the vinyl to permanently transfer to your product when heat pressed with sufficient time, temperature, and pressure.


Sublimation printing produces a smooth finish as the ink is embedded into the fibers. Sublimated graphics appear in high resolution with amazing color fidelity, utilizing our full color printing process. Sublimation ink can convert from a solid to a gas without going through the liquid form, which allows you to apply a design to specially coated materials using heat and pressure! It helps to realize that it refers to the dye itself. We also call this dye-sublimation, as it is the dye which changes state and produces the full color design!


Embroidery’s sole purpose is to create patterns on a piece of fabric. With machines having 15 needle heads it allows for 15 different customized colors of thread. Allowing embroidery with a ton of colors to be completed with high quality and at an efficient rate. Having your product embroidered will add color, texture, richness, and dimension.